Mind map template

Try this mind map template to quickly brainstorm your ideas, form new connections, and help you retain information visually.

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Mind map template

All about our mind map template

When it comes to documenting, presenting, and processing information, it’s hard to beat a good visual. And when it comes to visuals, it’s hard to go wrong with a mind map.

What is a mind map?

Mind maps are a powerful tool that can be used for both generating new ideas and representing existing ones. So whether you’re brainstorming solutions to a problem or recalling information, consider using a mind map!

At the center of a mind map is a central concept, idea, or thought: What is the focus of your brainstorm? From that central idea, your mind map should branch out into related or subordinate concepts and ideas. And those branch out into even more related ideas. And so on. The resulting visual should look something like a web.

You’ll probably notice two things about the structure of mind maps. One, they are incredibly flexible. There is no limit to the number of branches, subconcepts, and relationships you can include—your mind map will be exactly as detailed as you need it to be. And two, the web-like appearance makes it incredibly easy to visualize and understand the relationships between each concept or idea.

How to use this mind map template

Originally, mind mapping was done the old-fashioned way: with a pencil and paper. But luckily, those days are behind us! Click “Use this template” to open a blank, beautifully styled mind map on your virtual whiteboard in Lucidspark.

By creating your mind map online, you can invite other team members to collaborate from anywhere, and the results of your brainstorm will be documented for future use. No more ideas lost to physical whiteboards.

Type your central concept or idea in the central box, fill out the branches, and you’re off to the races. If you need more text boxes, don’t worry—draw a line from an existing shape to add another connecting shape!

And the best part? You can share your mind map with colleagues, invite them to edit it, and access it from any computer! By using this online mind map template, you can ask team members, even those who work remotely, to participate from anywhere, and the results of your brainstorm will be documented for future use. No more ideas lost to physical whiteboards.

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