Keep your Agile development team aligned

Stay connected and make decisions faster. Use Lucidspark to get teams on the same page during standups, sprint planning, and retrospectives.

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The perfect toolkit for Agile development

A conceptual image showing various project planning features in Lucidspark

Scope out and prioritize projects

Bring your team together on a Lucidspark board to map out a plan, compare approaches throughout the project lifecycle, and convert your ideas into actionable next steps.

A conceptual image showing a sprint planning board with swimlanes in Lucidspark

Consolidate project documents

Create a repository for all shared plans, tasks, and deliverables. Integrate your Lucidspark boards with task management apps to further centralize resources.

A conceptual image showing notes in Lucidspark being converted to tasks via the Jira integration

Streamline sprint planning

Reach consensus on your sprint goal faster. Use Visual Activities to prioritize ideas and integrate Lucid with Jira to increase clarity and improve collaboration across teams.

A conceptual image showing sticky notes organized into swimlanes and connected via freehand lines in Lucidspark

Collaborate on PI planning

Share your vision with a clear plan highlighting each team's capacity, output, risks, and dependencies. Ensure all teams are aligned and all dependencies are considered. 

A conceptual image showing concepts being evaluated on a grid using Visual Activities in Lucidspark

Make retrospectives more effective

Use a template or start with a blank canvas to organize data in a way that makes sense to your stakeholders. Leverage Visual Activities for insights about what to do next.

Agile features in Lucidspark


Dynamic Table


Embed Lucid

Lucid Cards

Visual Activities


Create timelines to show past events or future plans. Add details such as status, assignee, or estimate.

Dynamic Table

Organize ideas to derive meaning and insights, plan work visually, and take action more quickly.


Streamline sprint planning with workflow templates, project timelines, story maps, and more.

Embed Lucid

Embed your Lucidspark board into documentation created in Google, Microsoft, or Confluence.

Lucid Cards

Use Lucid Cards to convert ideas into next steps using task management tools like Jira and Azure DevOps.

Visual Activities

Empower informed decision-making with interactive activities that make feedback actionable.

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Keep your Agile team aligned with Lucidspark

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