Make strategic visioning more effective

Improve your planning process. Use Lucidspark to bring your team together from anywhere, get aligned on priorities, and create documentation that communicates your vision.

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Work collaboratively to develop goals, map out a strategic direction, and define key performance indicators.

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The perfect toolkit for strategic visioning

A feature brainstorming session in Lucidspark showing sticky notes and integrated web conferencing apps

Host hybrid strategy sessions

Capture ideas, plans, and feedback in real time or asynchronously. Leverage integrations with meeting software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx for seamless collaboration.

A conceptual image showing various Lucidspark features, such as Frames, Visual Activities, and a project timeline

Define your business goals

Organize your goals using a business model template, then plot your strategy on a product roadmap. Use sticky notes and shapes to highlight milestones and gather feedback.

A conceptual image showing sticky notes being organized in a Dynamic Table

Prioritize your business needs

Create a stakeholder map in a Dynamic Table to gain cross-functional alignment on all ideas, tasks, milestones, and project needs. Gain consensus with Visual Activities and voting.

A conceptual image showing various features for organizing ideas and information in Lucidspark

Get buy-in from stakeholders

Use Frames to organize content on your board, and create Paths to make your presentation easy to follow. Leave comments and tag team members to share and request feedback.

Strategic visioning features in Lucidspark

Meeting integrations

Enable face-to-face teamwork by connecting Lucid with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

Imagen de un tablero de Lucidspark con un puntero laser

Laser pointer

Freehand draw using the laser pointer to keep attendees focused on a section of your board.

Visual Activities

Empower informed decision-making with interactive activities that make feedback actionable.

Dynamic Table

Organize your strategic needs and plans by team bandwidth, task dependencies, and timelines.

Frames and Paths

Use Frames to draw attention to content, and create Paths to guide collaborators through Frames.

Breakout Boards

Create Breakout Boards to divide a large group into smaller groups for activities or discussions.

Additional resources

Strategic planning guide

Get tips and templates for creating a plan that acts as a GPS for your team.

Strategic planning mistakes article

Learn the seven mistakes many organizations make and what to do instead.

Lucid for strategic planning video

See how Lucid uses Lucid for more effective strategic planning sessions.

Make strategic visioning more effective with Lucidspark

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